New website

Tibetan, Morzine

The Tibetan Morzine online!

For its 20th birthday, the Tibetan Morzine is getting an online makeover. You can now scroll on a fully responsive website, designed for optimal navigation on all your devices: smartphones, tablets, laptop or desktop.

Different atmospheres…

Our new site now gives a special place to visual content in order to highlight all the atmospheres that make the Tibetan Morzine as trendy and friendly: the Cocktails Bar, the Live Music shows, the Sports Bar. Discover the cheesy ambiance of the Tibetan in pictures!

All the latest news!

Bringing you a new website also means giving you an online platform where all of the bar’s latest news, events and programing will be updated regularly: gigs program, special evenings, broadcasting of sports events, check all the news from Tibetan online!